Friday, 13 January 2012

Growth figures St Michael's

Here the statistics of attendance of the four congregations at St Michael's.

The first picture is of the Friday morning English congregation that we have begun on 1 September 2011. We The average number of attendants between September and December was 16 adults and 3 children. The trend is slightly upward, which is underlined by visitors in januari (17 adults, 21 adults, 2 kids each time)

The second picture is of our Egyptian Sunday morning congregation. We have an average of 24 adults and 2 children after 1 September. I do not have the stats from before September yet; the impression is that there were usually about 15 people in church. When I have some more precise data, I will publish those here. The trend seems to be rather stable.

The third congregation is our Sudanese, that meets on Sunday afternoon. The third picture represents their church growth this year. The first few months of 2011 were so problematic in Egypt that the numbers of visitors are not representative. Therefore I decided to compare April-August with September-December. The Sudanese congregation grew from an average of 153 to 183 adults, and from 66 to 88 kids in this period. The growth is stable.

Finally, we also started a new Egyptian Sunday Evening congregation on 1 September. The average number of adults is 24, while we had an average of 6 kids. Trend seems a bit downward, so we must work extra hard to knit this community together and get new people.

I thank God for His blessings this year. In our four congregations together, we have 79 new adults and 33 new children- may He continue to increase our ministry in numbers and in depth.

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