Monday, 26 September 2011

Who we are, what we do

Hello friends! This blog will be the place to find out about the people of St Michael's Anglican Church in Heliopolis, Cairo. On our website you can find more static information about us, but on this blog we hope to enable you to follow our daily life as a congregation.

St Michael's English congregation shares the building with two Egyptian and one Sudanese Anglican congregations, so you may find some information about those every now and then. Our focus, however, will be on the brand new English-language congregation.

On Saturday 24 September I was installed as the priest-in-charge of the four Anglican congregations of St Michael's. On the photo you see the bishops Ghais and Mouneer who installed me. The person on the left is Emad, who was ordained a deacon in the same worship service. I am the one on the right. I stand beside bishop Mouneer.

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